Friday, February 6, 2009

CWMA: Cavedoll, Michael Gross

Second week of the CWMA's kicked off over at The Urban Lounge on Feb. 5.

Only a two band show that evening, for some reason Afro Omega couldn't make it work. You know what that means? More music from the ones who could!

Walking on over I saw some flashing yellow lights and instantly knew what was going on. X96 sent its Special Needs Van to the venuem but sent no talent, no merch, and no one friendly to drive it while the speakers blurted out something vaguely emo. In fact the thing pretty much sat stationary outside on the sidewalk, and at one point someone took and hid the keys to it for fun. The driver was understandably upset.

Things went much more smoothly inside the club. First up: indie rock favorites Michael Gross & The Statuettes. My oh my, do the ladies love them! With new bassist in tow, the band cranked out favorites off Tales From A Country Home . With the always catchy “My Life Is Changing” getting the crowd worked up, Michael hit the mic right under the spotlight, soaking up the energy and letting loose emotion into every lyric, as if he were born to play. The band also showed off their skills with numbers like “I've Got A Feeling” and “No Good”, finishing off their set with the appropriately titled “The End” for a great closing. A really great band to kick the evening off with. If you're any kind of music fan, you'll go grab the album and just drive to any point you can, filling you car with their music along the way. I suggest Heber for starters, but that's me.

If Michael Gross is the band you take to the countryside, Cavedoll is the one you crank on the way back into the city. The electro-rockers took the stage to many cheers and applause, even getting a hula hoop gal in the crowd to do her thing. The group wasted no time getting into classics from their extensive collection including the popular “Mexico” that got spectators singing, and the ever seductive “45 Minute Dance Party.” But they also belted out new numbers to enjoy such as the heavy “Dirty Little Secrets” and the head banging “Vader.” With Allison's keyboard and Vanessa's vocals leading the charge, they brought the evening to a close on “Tastes Like A Hurricane”, with a warm thank you from the crowd afterward.Overall, a lovely show that warmed up strong and burned out bright. The lineups so far have been solid and looking to finish strong. These shows are halfway done with three more lined up for tonight. Go see one.
(Gavin Sheehan)

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