Monday, February 2, 2009

A Second Take On Burt's

Jon Paxton beat me to it, but hell, I'm still gonna write up a review anyway. Entering night number two of the CWMAs, I made my way over to Burt's Tiki Lounge for what was going to be the louder of that night's two showcases. Joking with the patrons and watching the City Weekly staff hang every poster and banner they had at their disposal, everyone knew this was going to be a show worth seeing. And those who did miss out, you are sorely deprived!

Starting off with their blinding and awe inspiring light show were Loom, bringing in a mix of old and new material to the table. Coming off an incident involving Mike and Kim's instruments being stolen, they quickly got replacements in short order so they could play the show in time. Not skipping a beat the group performed hard hitters like "Prizes" and "Webs" with a passion, as if this was the last time you'd ever seem them again, and leaving little doubt as to why they made the list. The hardcore screams and intricate songs broke the bottle on the evening and left the crowd screaming for more. And we were only one band in!

Next up the dark melodic that is Subrosa took the stage. In what will be one of their last shows before violinist Sarah takes a time out for maternity leave, the band put on one of their best shows to date. Playing favorites off the Strega album like the ass-kicking "Sugar Creek" to the hauntingly beautiful title track. While also bringing out new songs like "Dark Country" to enlighten and give a glimpse of what lies down the road. I honestly can't wait to hear what else they're working on.

Finishing off the night were the always jumpy Form Of Rocket, belting out what seemed like a greatest hits collection to all their albums. As always "My Name Is A Killing Word" brought about an audience sing-along. At one point they even brought up the departed (and frequently spitting) Curtis Jensen for a number, much to the crowd's pleasing and a treat to anyone who never saw the original incarnation of the group. Playing with such ferocity that the stage could be felt vibrating, all the way to the point where Tyler broke his bass pedal mid song again!

Overall, damn fine show. This was an awesome set that would put all other venues to shame for a night. Start to finish, one of the best shows I've seen so far in 2009.
(Gavin Sheehan)

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